Frank White
ORC Worldwide
US-EU Conference
September 14, 2005

Frank White

  • Thanks and acknowledgements
  • Representatives from some of the world's leading US-based global businesses are participating in this conference
    • A recognition that future business success depends on involvement in collaborative efforts
    • Also recognition that there has been a shift in the influences on US business
  • Standards, guidelines and policies established abroad by non-US governmental and non-governmental institutions -- principally by the EU and by NGOs -- are becoming the new major drivers of occupational safety and health policy for much of U.S. business both here in the US and abroad
  • EU leadership in REACH, Control Banding, Stress, Risk Assessment, OHSAS 18000
  • How can US business and other US stakeholders to get more actively involved in the deliberations that result in the development of these global standards and guidelines - to get a seat at the table?
  • GHS provides a good model for US participation in global initiatives
  • From a US business perspective, the topics of this conference are particularly timely and relevant -- we are eager to contribute and learn