Topic IV: Safety and Health Knowledge Management

Safety and Health Knowledge Management Workgroup

The Transfer of Knowledge

World Café

From Data to Practice

From Data to Practice Pyramid

Future Action

  • Translate the above model into a tangible case study
  • Develop a pilot program in the step from knowledge to action on a specific topic (to be determined)

Develop and Use Knowledge - Tacit Knowledge

  • Wiki
  • Case Studies
  • Learning Organizations
  • Capture Institutional Knowledge
  • Mentoring to capture tacit knowledge

Develop and Use Knowledge -All Knowledge

  • Treat Knowledge as an Asset
    • Manage it
    • Apply TQM
    • Teach how to communicate knowledge
  • Determine How to Assess Impact
  • Tie Knowledge Development to Practical Needs

Develop and Use Knowledge - US-EU Collaboration

  • Joint Effort
    • Identify Knowledge Gaps
    • Identify Top Five Topics
  • Share Campaign Experiences and Materials
  • Develop a single source of OSH Information

Develop Knowledgeable People - Certifications

  • Levels
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Reciprocity/Mutual Recognition Across Lines

Develop Knowledgeable People - Barriers

  • Language (literacy, translation)
  • Work Patterns and Processes
  • Individual Background/Culture
  • Computer Literacy

Develop Knowledgeable People - Promoting OSH

  • By Imparting OSH IntoValue Systems
  • By Developing Incentives to Enter OSH Professions

Develop Knowledgeable People - Drivers

  • Legislation, Worker/Union Demands, Client, Management, Economic, Culture
  • Training Needed (Workers, Supervisors, Inspectors, Trainers, Teachers, Business Leaders, OSH Professionals)
  • Embed OSH into Education System

Characterize and Transfer Historical Success

  • Create historical documentation
  • Teach passion, not just technology
  • Who are the OSH heroes?

Selling OSH

  • Social Responsibility
  • Save the Planet vs. Save the Workplace
  • Peace = No War
  • OSH = No Workplace Deaths and injuries

Safe Way as the "Only Way"

  • True Financial Impact of Protecting Workers (more than cost-benefit calculation)
  • Protected Workers > Better Motivation, Better Quality, Better Production
  • Embed OSH into Public Consciousness


  • OSH Professionals
    • Lousy terminology
    • More attractive jobs
    • See "selling OSH"
  • Connect OSH to Social Media

Knowledge Transfer from Older to Younger Workers

  • Campaigning
  • Social Media
  • Interactive Systems
  • Non-literacy dependent systems
    • Posters
    • Pictograms
    • Cartoons

Pictograms Example